Zumba Busted and Ready to Pebble

Well I finally made it into a local gym and took a Zumba class.  I have to say it was everything it is supposed to be: a real cardio workout that makes you sweat and shakes the spine-hips and butt a whole lot. It has choreographed routines, music with a strong beat and uses stylized moves from latin dances like salsa, samba, cumia and more. Zumba is very sassy if you are up to it.

The instructor, decked out in the signature Zumba pants and top, was very good and easy to follow. Part way through the class, someone brought in abbreviated versions of bellydancing coin belts and I recognized stylized belly dancing moves added to the mix at a much faster clip than I’m used to.

I was surprised to see women of many shapes and ages in there, a demographic I don’t often see in my town. The class was well attended, and the club clearly popular or they would not have so many classes available on their schedule.  I followed the moves with about half the intensity of the teacher, and did sweat, but I also experienced stifling discomfort  in the spleen and lower lungs areas from getting out of breath and jangling my innards a bit too much.

I know I am not in shape enough internally to take the impact of the zumba though I like dancing, learning the choreography, and getting into the rhythm. I am about to do an 8 day colon cleanse and I know that I’m going to take it easy on my guts while I’m ingesting a lot of psyillium, water, green veggie and fruit juices, minerals and herbs. Still, my colonic hydrologist has told me she wants me to exercise a little every day, by walking up a hill or anything to get my heart rate up.

So now I’m eying the spin classes and other stuff that is non impact, because I don’t want to strain, injure or make myself sick on the road to Fitness. A post I read on Care2 says not to climb a mountain to get fit, but to pick up pebbles, that is to do a lot of small things toward health that are doable and gradual.

This morning I walked up a long hill with a friend who’s hiking fit and she left me behind but I didn’t have to stop and breathe every 5 steps. The last time I hiked with her I had to stop every 10 steps or so to just breathe and let my turned-to-jelly weak legs recover. This time I had enough biochemical fitness to keep stepping without getting dizzy though I was breathing hard and could feel it around my heart. The reward was the view and the slow hike down zig zagging a little to save the knees.  I’m prouda me!




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