Wednesday’s Windbag is Full of Woe

This morning I did a post on Nextdoor  about a flyer I got yesterday in the little park info box below my regular mailbox  stating that there will be meetings sponsored by the County tonight and tomorrow night on Rent Controll, PROPOSED MOBILE HOME PARK CLOSURE, and some kind of ZONING issue.

In my post, I stated what I had received, and I said what I fear: That Big Bucks wants to take the land upon which I live, in a mobile home park, and it’s gonna happen soon. I then  stated that I can’t attend the meetings because I am going to school, and if anyone was going would they share information on Nextdoor.

I got a big  reaction by a man in my neighborhood who is a contentious, righteous know -it-all WINDBAG, rebuking me for my opinion, condescendingly putting me down for stating it. I’m actually quite happy I did it, and drew his fire straight up. I was going to retort, decided against it, thanked him for his suggestion. I’m not going to defend myself to anyone about it, because the whole purpose of me posting it was to WAKE people the fuck up. I want them to be scared and anxious so I can get the most information as quickly as possible.

It’s very suspicious to me how inauspicious the flyer was, and the timing of it’s delivery. Somebody is pulling a fast one.  Most people won’t  see that it was delivered for at least a day or night, more will not read it and see what is hidden in the print and they will not have the opportunity to go to the meeting and find out anything.   You have my permission, Mr. Windbag, to kiss my ass. You and everybody around here should be afraid, VERY afraid.

Here’s what I would say to anyone who doesn’t like me stating that Big Bucks is coming to take my home away from me:  PEOPLE, are you kidding me? Really? Trump is president, HELLO!  Can you say BIG WAVE PROJECT? Are you blind or haven’t you seen the  big “BUILD TO SUIT” sign right next door to us? The rents in this town are INSANE for everything!  And what is happening in San Francisco, Oakland, and LOTSA other places: People who are not rich and well jobbed up are being driven OUT. Out, as in NO MORE PLACE TO LIVE they can afford. You are really being STUPID  to want to stay asleep.

I have every  right to state my opinion, stir everything up as much as I please. It’s called beating the bushes so I can find out as much as I can as fast as I can by (almost) any means possible to take care of myself, my life , my future and my welfare.


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