The Portrait of Bill Cosby

I’ve finally stopped hating Bill Cosby. Current pictures of him look really awful. He’s practically toadlike with cropped white hair, bulging, staring eyes and moles on his face like a large fungus. He looks both pitiful and nasty at the same time. I’m certain the shots are from live performances, and his choice of wardrobe ( a sweatshirt that says “Hello There”) just heightens the creepiness.I can’t help but think of the “Portrait of Dorian Gray” story about a man who is immortal and handsome looking but who has a portrait that looks more and more horrible as he commits crimes and sinks further into debauchery and evil.

When the count of women with detailed rape stories about him got to 20, I came to believe he’d done it and more. The fact that he can’t be legally prosecuted by time statutes of limitation only brings the heinous nature of his addiction to violating women by drugging and raping them into sharper relief. That he could use his image as a trusted male celebrity to cover it up and get away with it all must have become part of the thrill. The women he raped need, more than anything, to be able to acknowledge what happened to them without all this appalling bullshit about his legacy. I think it’s good they can’t prove he did it, because it makes legal proof, which is and has always been skewed to protect men and nearly impossible to make conclusive of intent, Moot. HE USED DRUGS. THERE WAS NO CONSENT.

But the court of public opinion is far more exacting than legal proof. He lost his son Ennis to murder. He may remain famous, and a millionaire, living out his days, but he will never again be trusted either as a man or a performer by a critical mass of people which includes me. I loved him and his comedy, was raised on it and his comedy record alblums. He’s now just another delusional sick bastard male who’s been allowed, big time, to hate and hurt women.

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