The Magic Mason Jars & Dental Excursion

 Today I start another liver cleanse.  This means I am supposed to eat 50% raw and 50% cooked, drink a bunch of apple juice with malic acid power in it, take enzymes before every meal, probiotics, and liquid mineral tinctures in water.  Since I went to Mt. Shasta and did the same cleanse, I have these two glass Mason jars with metal lids which I got on the retreat. I use them daily now.

   They have a glass bah relief of a horn of plenty with the words “Golden Harvest” moulded into the glass.  I like them because they are glass and I can see what I’m drinking. I like them because they are mine and have  not only held apple  juice with malic acid powder in them, water with mineral tinctures, they have also had green smoothies, raw blended soups, and fruit smoothies in them. One of them has  a slightly dented lid. They remind me I can, in fact, eat raw and green and not be hungry, in pain, or sick.

  Since I’ve been taking the minerals, I’ve  been sleeping better and my joints don’t ache anymore.  I lost roughly 10 lbs during the retreat.  I didn’t do everything I was supposed to, but I didn’t eat  dairy, or wheat. That was a miracle.  Another is that I didn’t gain the 10 lbs back and I’m not craving food and constantly eating too much.  I had some roasted sunflower seed butter but that was my safety net at first in case all the raw salads and blended soups didn’t do the job of feeding me.

  But I need not get a swelled head about anything, because my body is quite swelled and the condition will be permanent forever if I don’t continue changing my diet for good. I also just went to the dentist and got a teeth cleaning and the hygienist told me I need my roots planed, have gum disease. I didn’t tell her I have no intention of getting my roots planed because I have a broken filling, a wisdom tooth with decay on it, and a broken tooth which need to be fixed to the tune of nearly a grand.

 I’ve been wanting to get the mercury and metal out of my teeth and find a bio dentist who can do it properly. I really don’t appreciate the way they let me come in for a cleaning expecting to pay one price and then did x rays and an exam without asking me and charging me triple. I could have protested and stopped them, but after all these years I don’t want to make waves with a local dentist who helped the man I live with and has done all my dental for years, expensive as he is.

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