The Doomsday Data Deluge

This morning I listened to a youtube  video series which featured Dr. Deagle and his radio show. He was interviewing an atomic scientist who’s studied the effects of radiation after Chernobyl and  they were talking about all the fallout from the nuclear reactors in Japan. This was just as jolly as watching Dr. Helen Caldicott discuss the health effects of radioactice  fallout from plutonium, cesium, strontium-90, iodine, and xenon which is in the air around the world after the cooling pumps failed at Fuckashima and the other reactors in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

But Deagle was not only talking about radiation and the poisoning of our planet from nuclear and many other toxic waste effects caused by man. He’s convinced there is a brown dwarf sun coming our way which is going to cause a number of very destructive “events” in this celestial neighborhood, one of the them a huge “coronal mass ejection” of powerful electromagnetic waves  from our sun, basically frying part of us and our planet like a microwave on steroids, and then a magnetic pole shift of our planet. Never mind the earthquakes and tsunamis which will also occur. Deagle claims that many powers that be know this is going to happen and aren’t telling us the mass public so that we can prepare for it and that it’s all going to result in our mass extinction as a species.

All this doom data makes it hard to decide what to have for breakfast. It’s traumatizing to hear and have to try and think, once again, how to be in relation to that information.  There is no thinking about it and being able to come up with much that is useful.  There is so much happening now in our world which makes anything seem plausible.

The man I live with loves to watch videos predicting that we are all going to be microchipped, herded into camps and eaten by lizard aliens and that claim we are being deliberately poisoned by jet chemtrails.  I have to say this focus on the world ending in awful and uncontrollable ways has made me more grateful for each day that the sun shines and I’m not tortured, maimed, bombed, eaten, mind controlled and raped. I know there are thousands of other people with that happening to them. I wish I knew how to make it all stop for good.

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