The Cat Paul Newman and the Head Pet Toll

The cat Paul Newman is a beautiful yellow shorthair with vivid blues eyes, and that is why I named him Paul Newman. He’s one of four semi feral cats me and my guy feed periodically on our front porch. The Toll for being fed at our house is head pets, which I collect just before feeding them. Timing, posture and duration have to be precise, or the cats freak.

The cat Paul Newman is not very big cat-wise, is not fixed, so he has a problem which is now my problem. It all started the usual way with my guy, who cannot resist needy cats. Guy let Paul Newman come inside our house and started feeding him.

He’s male, and he’s looking to establish territory, find females he can mate with, and be the king his hormones demand he try to be. This means he wants love, food, sex and dominance and therefore MUST MARK with urine the inside of our house whenever he gets the chance. My guy, true to form, has completely forgotten that he’s the cause of the stink that occurs when Paul Newman slips in and pees. When he complains about it, I ignore him, since I am footing the bill for the cat food, cleaning up the pee, and plotting a nut free future for Paul Newman.

The fact that the cat Paul Newman is unsupported in being allowed to come in and stay, discouraged from biting and clawing me after I have petted and fed him, is of course, spurious and inconsequential to his hormone induced aspirations. I now pet him with my bare hands briefly, and put on an over mitt while serving him food. This cuts down on me getting bit and scratched, and ending up having to yell and whack him.

His size is a handicap, as most of the cats in the neighborhood outweigh him and he sometimes has a scratch mark across his nose. Both of our indoor cats are spayed females, and one of them, Daisy, is twice his size and quite hunter savvy, so he’s SOL on that front.

We have a humane cat trap and have spayed many cats female and male. Spaying cats in our neighborhood has been one of the smarter things we’ve done and it’s really helped stop kittens being born in droves to people who aren’t paying attention and don’t have the time or resources to take care of them. I want Paul Newman to have a safer, less traumatic life, therefore I want to get him castrated. I am biding my time, as sooner or later I will find a way to get it done.

There is a couple down the street who also take care of cats. The women loves animals and she managed to get a large and very domineering bad ass orange tomcat I nicknamed “Orangey” fixed after years of him beating the crap out any cat that he encountered. I used to throw tennis balls at him to keep him from constantly attacking a semi feral we loved whom he drove away. Like many males, his nuts made him nuts. He’s one of those cats who has a large head and looks like he’s on steroids. Now, when he comes to the door, he loves to be petted more than he likes the food.

“Orangey” and two other semi ferals,”Junior”, and “Mr. Green” sometimes show up together and gently butt heads, rubbing against each other like brothers while they wait to get food. They are all fixed. If they weren’t, they would be yowling at each other and fighting.

“Mr. Green” is an all black cat with yellow eyes. He has some sort of chronic respiratory infection, which used to mean we could hear his choking and rasping breathing every time he approached. My nickname for him is Mister Schitz because he is tremendously over reactive to any kind of movement which he is all too ready to interpret as a threat, darting away explosively as though I’m a giant about to grab him and put him in a cooking pot for lunch.
He looks way better now because I started marathon feeding him raw meat and anything healthy I could throw at him to stop the choking, spitting, and gasping. Now he has a faint wheeze, but he can chew and shut his mouth, miaow and breathe better. His dirty fur and runny eyes cleared up some, and he became calmer, despite his flight tendencies.

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