Shedding the D-link and 7 lbs

I recently went on a 5 day retreat to Mt. Shasta for a liver cleanse. Besides losing 7 lbs, which  I think mostly  were gall stones, the best part about it was that I didn’t have to deal with food.  I didn’t have to shop for it, cook it, try to feed it to my guy, clean it up and so on.

There was a raw food chef and the people running the thing did it all.  Another plus was that everyone on the trip was doing it, so we didn’t have to explain why we were eating only raw food. Most people don’t take the appearance of raw food, which looks  a lot like different varieties of green slime well.

I wasn’t hungry or craving food the whole time. This was a pleasant surprise, and I didn’t get sick or feel nasty either, thank you cleansing gods.  I had some uncomfortable nights of having to get up and pee a lot and drinking lots of water, but that’s what I have to deal with at home, so it wasn’t hard news. I drank a lot of freshly juiced organic raw apple juice souped up with malic acid powder (also from apples) because that is what softens gall and liver stones up inside the gall bladder and liver so they will come out when you drink and/or gag down  epsom salts mixed in water and later olive oil and grapefruit juice. If you are feeling a little queasy reading this,  then picture using a glass straw, which takes the stuff you’ve got to swallow past your tongue/taste buds  and protects your teeth enamel from the acidic apple juice at the same time. Don’t try this at home unless you know what you are doing!

We were in this big ranch house/vintage Victorian type decorated B & B with all kinds of luxurious linens and Floral decor. I had a private room with an enormous bed and large bathroom, both rooms larger than most of my mobile home. I had my very own large couch and two padded chairs  in my “suite” with a window facing Shasta.

There was a certain comic irony to spending time in such an environment trying not to get green and yellow bile colored shit on the B&B’s  washcloths and towels for the housekeeper who came in everyday to tidy things up.  I particularly appreciated the fact that all the lace,  floral wreaths and homey doodads that were all over the place were items I didn’t have to EVER dust or live with for long.  My toilet, a large white porcelain antique,  was mysteriously  sans flush handle up in the usual areas around the top.  Further investigation turned up a chain below the flow tank which, when pulled down, flushed the toilet.

Just before I left, I was struggling with emotional blockage, and had a fight with the guy over his addiction to using the d-link router and I took a cable and power chord with me after he refused to hear me out on why I don’t want triple EMFs in the house. The day I was actually leaving, we had NOT TALKED about it, and he was helping me some, having seen I was actually going to leave. I was supposed to meet the other cleansers at a certain time, was loaded up but doing errands when my guy called me on my cell. He asked me if I’d taken the chords to the d-link. I said yes, and that we could talk about it in a short while after I completed my errands before I was going to leave.

I was buying meat for him to eat while I was gone, knowing his diet is total crap and that he won’t spend money on decent protein when my cell rang. I was busy, couldn’t answer.  Then, as I was in the car, I listened to the message. He was accusing me of coming home and sneaking into the house and taking the d-link just to deprive him and then leaving without talking to him. 26 years I’ve lived with and supported him, and he’s still projecting this kind of betrayal on me. Severe traumatic abuse at the age of 4 plus lifelong malnutrition will do that to a person.

I got  home, put the meat in the fridge, and he was gone. I called his cell and told him he could not be more wrong, and that I will not tolerate the d-link in my home anymore because of the EMFs. Then I left to meet  the other cleansers. Before I got to where I had to meet them, he called and apologized, said I’d explained myself clearly and wished me well. This was an unexpected turn of events which freed me up during the whole cleanse.


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