No “Let Go” For Me at Perky Butt Zuma

This morning I did my regular spin class at the Fitness Studio I go to and was OK. Due to the fact I have been planning on becoming a Hoopdance instructor, I decided to catch a Zumba class a little later in the morning to see where I stack up with the dance moves.

Granted, I still weigh WAY TOO MUCH.  I didn’t make the mistake of actually trying to watch myself in the studio mirror, though I was right up front, where I could watch the instructor move  and copy her moves. The good news is that my legs are way stronger, my new running shoes are feeling solid and I was able to do some of the moves.  When I first began doing spin classes over 6 months ago, I tried a Zumba class and quickly found out I was  unable to do it. The pace and pivoting jarred my body and it was humiliating.

Today’s class was taught by a sub, a lean little perky butted woman in a red tank top with the words “ZUMBA” and “LET GO” in black on it.  Her Zumba pants, hot pink with little  purple  zippers across the buttocks, showed off her perky butt to advantage. I couldn’t take my eyes off it during the whole routine.  Zumba is full of  cuban/latino rap music and involves a lot of fairly rapid pumping of the arms, torso and pelvis.  Rumba, Cumia, Mambo music and classic steps are mixed with aerobic calistenics. It also involves moves which can twist and stress joints, in particular the knees.

Today’s instructor alluded to recovering from recent knee surgery. This was the second time I’ve met a Zumba instructor recovering from surgery. Zumba is attractive, has a sassy-sexy upbeat feel to it.  Even if I learned all the moves, did it a lot, I’d be risking injury.  I was surprised at the number of women who showed up for today’s class.


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