Mrs. Potato Head Goes Clubbell

Today I had my second training session with my coach in clubbell use. She has never done clubbells but is such an excellent coach that she’s already figured out how to train me and is doing it well. She’s a little titan, a slinger of the “Bulgarian Bag”, a black belt in BJJ and karate. Hiring her was smart and I’ve been lucky to have her.

I’m scheduled to go to southern California in a month from now and attempt to become certified in Clubbell instruction by the one, the only, the prolific Mr. Scott Sonnon and his sister pair of women Clubbell Mongers, Emily and Angelea Fisher. There is a good chance I will not pass, but if I wasn’t going to the workshop, I wouldn’t have the incentive to actually learn how to do the clubbells, hire a coach and so on, so I’m doing it anyway.

But I know that once I do the moves enough, my body will take them on and adjust, take them in. So far I have no pain in my right shoulder or anywhere else and I actually hefted the 10 pounders today. I’m remembering I was able to come in and do three months of BJJ classes without freaking out, so this may in fact lead me to something good. My real goal is joint health and flexibility and interesting ways that maintain or build it I can do with other people.

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