Hooping Tips for the Obese

This week I went to my third Hooping class and got kinda mad because my hoop kept falling down and hitting my ankle bones. It hurt. I got pissed off because the woman instructor had to ask me if I was alright when in fact I wasn’t because her  Wham-O plastic hoop is too light for my body mass and I can’t keep it up. There was one lean yoga teacher in the class hooping and one woman even fatter than me. And she was being the “good sport” but having as much trouble as me because she was fat.

I had to remember what it is like to be a woman physical instructor to re-center myself. There is nothing you can do for fat women. You have to treat them like they are fine and normal which they are not because they are fat and you can’t baby them because everyone including them will be insulted. I don’t like nicey nice but nasty or babying would be worse. It’s so damned stupid that we women are still having to uphold this uber nice facade bullshit in life, but that is still how it is, so I’m just skipping trying to figure out if this woman instructor gives a rip about me. She is  not young but professionally perky lean little thing who probably weighs about 110 dripping wet. Her warmups have a flavor  of formal dance training.

I know from looking at other hooping venues that some of the hoops they use now are weighted. Since I can easily use my arms, hands and neck to hoop, I really doubt that I am too slow or weak to hoop with the size of hoop, but the lightness of the hoop I have been using does not work with a rhythm that is comfortable for my body at 192 lbs. When I am trying to hoop with the too light hoop, I can’t feel it in space enough.

I have yet to prove this theory but don’t want to attend another class where all I do is struggle to do the basic waist and hips hooping and failing.  If you can’t do the basic, trying to do  the rest of the stuff, tricks and moving or dancing around are pointless.



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