Hooping: On Keeping It Up

Not long ago I picked up one of the free “health” mags from a natural foods grocery store and looked through it.

In it was a blurb about a woman who lost 140 lbs hooping. According to the article , she was quite obese, and apparently got motivated when the operator of a carnival ride called her a “fat cow” and denied her and her young child entrance.  She bought a hoop online and started to  try and hoop at the YMCA she was a member of.  I can’t imagine that her trying to hoop was a pretty sight, she said men at the club used to “snicker” at her but she was too fat to use the gym and hooping was what she was committed to doing.  It took three weeks of effort to get the hoop to stay up. I have now looked at other stories and it seems that success is all about dogged persistence when it comes to starting and doing it daily. I find it interesting that hooping requires a hard doggedness to begin with, which turns into having fun, feeling good, and then finally transforms into losing weight and looking good.

I have gone to a few classes locally, tried some borrowed hoops, looked at two different big city hooping ventures online, and now I have a hoop.  A gen-u-wine  $45 neon  bright orange tape wrapped Hoopgirl hoop, to be exact.  I drove to the city to a hoop class and bought it, only to discover it is not heavy enough for me at my current weight, which is 188.   According to the Hoopgirl website, this particular hoop, the “Energy” model, is 1 lb and 7.5 ounces.

I can make the hoop stay up with effort for 35 turns, but it is not fun, and I have to move my hips faster than is comfortable to do so. My last  trying to hoop attempt was punctuated by a lot of swearing due to the fact that if I don’t catch the hoop as it falls, it can hit my ankle bones and hurt a whole lot.  When I started using the hoop on my neck and arms, I found it easy to control and move, as it is much heavier than the previous hoops I’ve tried. It felt good and I said to myself:  “Aha! So this is how it feels when the weight is right.”

The founder of Hoopgirl claims to have made her own hoops in the early days and dropped lbs( she doesn’t say how many) so I will bet you her earliest hoops were heavier than her current ones because there is an early reference to how she made a hoop which would “stick” on her hips.  All in contrast to her current “hottie” state, which keeps women coming back for more of her moves, products, and so on.

So now I’ve looked up the Hoopnotica website, have called their customer service and left a message asking for a callback. They have a hoop called “The Burnout” which is just under 2 lbs and I want that sucker.  I’m hedging my bets before I buy  with the customer service woman who was written up on “Hooper of the Month” as a maker of the hoops and expert.  The Big Deal about Hooping is that if done, it burns calories efficiently, can be done anywhere, and is non impact.

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