Hoopin Heaven

Today I practiced Hooping outside and had good bellydancing music going on which it made it way more fun and easier. Despite the fact I still weigh 188 lbs , and occasionally less, I’m actually getting better at hooping with practice. I can now do an effective corkscrew down, which means I can bring the hoop down from a halo( twirling the hoop around my head while I step in a small circle) to mid torso,  and go to  waist hooping.

This is indeed a miracle. I have proceeded and acted as if, started doing very small “float descends” with one hand without any real clue it was ever going to be possible. Now I need to re-watch the Hoopnotica dvd and find out how to place my hand and bring it from the waist back up without stopping the hoop and crashing.

I have also been getting better on the mini hoops. My left hand is weaker and less coordinated, but it’s  improving. I’ve become able to step around  while I’m doing the minis. I can step around in a circle while waist hooping now, but I have yet to be able to move around freely while waist hooping.

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I started this blog to expand and explore my rhythm horizons as a hand drummer. That exploration includes touching on the rest of my life and inner world as authentically and truthfully as possible.
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