Holding the SPIN

This week I didn’t make it to any SPIN classes at the fitness studio I’ve  been going to. I had my reasons. Life got in my way.  Went through a small war/bad patch with the guy. Was tired, had extra stuff to get to and do. My class card expired, and they informed me by email. The momentum of going started to slip away.

This morning I got up and made it to the class, got there 5 minutes till, and there was only one stationary bicycle left. I was lucky, the place was packed and going. The instructor knows me a little now, gave me the last bike.  Had to fuss around placing my bicycle where I could see at least one of my legs in the mirror, adjust the seat properly, put on a seat cover to pad my posterior and so on. Managed to spill some of my drinking water on the floor and bike.  I discovered I don’t like the bangs of my current “cute” haircut in my face. Memo to self: get a hair clip.

I’m to the point now where I can feel myself move and rhythmically be coherent with the music, the teacher and my body, all at the same time.  I can stand up and pedal, find exactly the right tension with the adjustment knob. I still bob a bit, which according to the teacher is a no-no, but my legs and joints are conditioned enough now so I’m not tilted forward and thrashing them. It’s no longer  complete torture.  I can keep my shoulders down most of the time. I have no trouble getting water down and sweating.

Now I can sit back, pedal and practice small ribcage rotations of the bellydancing variety in cadence to the less fast songs.  My legs are less tight, and though I’m still blubbery in the torso, it’s shaped a little less like a fat shelf and more like an abdomen. I can double time it to the music and pick what I want to do in relation to what the teacher is saying and what others are doing.  I want me and adrenaline to keep on having a relationship, so I’ve gotten another class card.



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I started this blog to expand and explore my rhythm horizons as a hand drummer. That exploration includes touching on the rest of my life and inner world as authentically and truthfully as possible.
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