Green Smoothie Revolution Take 3

I’ve been averaging one green smoothie a day now for a while.  The green smoothies I make at home in my Vita Mix are made up of three kinds of greens to keep it from tasting like any one in particular,( some are quite bitter, especially dandilion greens!) and then a couple of fruits, which can include a half cup of frozen fruit. I also add water, a cup to a cup and a half.

To be honest, my green smoothies are not the tastiest or most attractive things.  They tend to be too watery. The reason for this is because I have found reading zillions of smoothie recipes and obsessing over all the fantastic organic produce and super foods which are  available makes it too hard for me to simply get the damn thing made and down my gullet. The people that earn their living being raw food coaches know how to glamorize their smoothies. I don’t.

I’m aiming for long term eating habit change and permanent change of my biochemisty to that of a less inflamed more alkaline one. I’m happy to say that when I was out yesterday at the Pumpkin Festival surrounded by pumpkin pie, cake, ice cream and endless  sugar treats, I didn’t crave them at all.  I feel better more often.

Another sign the smoothies are charging things is that I have areas where the skin is breaking out for no particular reason.  On the outside of my left knee where it joins the calf, there was this slightly numbed out area that is no longer numb but has a whole bunch of little scabs. Sometimes it’s a red, itchy area the size of a penny near a joint, sometimes a small scab, other times a thing that feels like one of those deep zits that you can’t pop which  shows up and stays for awhile.

I know from reading about people who have used  making their diet more alkaline, bio-mats and infrared saunas to treat disease  that toxins that can’t be released other wise can come out on the skin. I have an infrared sauna AND a biomat. But I don’t use them because it’s really hard to make myself use them not being sure what I am doing.

I know the green smoothies are safe and sure and slow. The other reason I don’t use them is that I have a partner that doesn’t support me and is too unstable for me to feel safe spending a lot of time naked in a sauna.  It’s the unpredictability of his moods which affects my serenity at home.

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