Green Smoothie Revolution Take 2

Ok, so I made another  green smoothie today. I used  young spinach, 2 small cukes, 2 cups of water, a half cup of frozen strawberries and half a banana.  It was sort of reddish gray and watery, but drinkable. So I’ve drunk it.

Since getting it and greens down my gullet daily is the most important thing, I’m not gonna fuss and at least I didn’t snack on stuff that is either too much of good thing or clearly NOT good for me. I’ve had tingling fingers going on lately and read online that such a symptom can be what they call neuropathy, a fancy word for BAD NEWS as in nerve damage from too high blood sugar type of Diabetes or Heart/blood vessel disease.  I had started to fall back into eating pasturized dairy again and wheat bread, what with the fabulous ability of the Vita Mix to whip cream, coconut sugar and frozen fruit into ice cream.

I go to bed and I am too hot, have trouble sleeping, and my fingers tingle, almost painfully at different times of the night. The tingling used to be Throbbing, and I’d have joint pain and leak pee. This has also occurred since I stopped doing multi vitamins, minerals and aminos. But more importantly, besides the physical cravings and not being able to lose more weight, I am aware this is a life pattern of unresolved emotions which block me from living my life fully.

I feel good right now, watery green smoothie or not, because I am not hungry physically and I am aware of not feeling deprived emotionally. I have started to have less problems sleeping and less tingling of my fingers.


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I started this blog to expand and explore my rhythm horizons as a hand drummer. That exploration includes touching on the rest of my life and inner world as authentically and truthfully as possible.
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