Green Smoothie Revolution Take 1

Today, along with getting my unwilling backside up and going to yoga class, I was a Very Good Being and bought the Victoria Boutenko book “Green Smoothie Revolution”.  I did this because I now have a brand new Vita Mix, the Mack Truck of blenders and I need  to re-learn how to make green smoothies that taste good. According to all who partake of them daily, green smoothies are the literal fountain of youth, taking away obesity, food cravings, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. I will take feeling immortal and looking pretty darn good, thank you, with a side of better looking skin and plenty of the good old weight loss. 188 lbs is still too many, spandex be damned.

I have read Victoria’s book before now, and she explains why greens are so good for us and how to make them palatable with fruit through the miracle of the mighty Vita Mix. My first attempt at following one of her recipes has been a failure. I put in too much water and some frozen acai pulp and it didn’t look or taste good.  The big deal is using sweet fruits to disguise the taste of such greens as kale, parsley, spinach, and lettuce, which by themselves are not tasty.

There are tons of recipes and now I’ve tried several times to make a palatable green smoothie.  The first couple weren’t very appetizing. I used watermelon in one and though it was sweet enough and smelled like watermelon, it turned brown and the greens weren’t liquified enough. My second smelled like raw  dino kale, had chunks of greens and looked like sewage.  I can’t remember the third, only that I could drink it but ended up throwing it away.

I’ve been collecting articles in magazines and tried yesterday to make one with 2 handfuls of young spinach, some pineapple, 2 small cukes, 2 cups of water and a bananna. Yesterday it worked. My first drinkable green smoothie. You know it’s Ok when looking, smelling and drinking it doesn’t make you feel like barfing and never going near greens your whole like.

The real trick is to make them not only palatable but tasty enough so you can do them daily at least once if not twice so that the body can get used to the chlorophyll enough to crave it and detox over a period of time.  I can remember only too well trying to do green smoothies without the organic and fresh ingredients I have access to now,  without a decent blender and juicer. I remember reading about all this in many books and feeling it was about as possible as climbing Everest for years.

I’ve simply made up my mind to keep chipping away at it without pushing hard because sooner or later I will be able to make it a habit, get it to take root. For me persistence is the key.



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