Goodbye Mayonnaise

Well, the jury is in on  PUFA’s….or Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids. Apparently, every single kind of plant based oil except butter, coconut and olive oil are  very bad for me, blocking thyroid, liver, cell receptors and some other vital thing’s pathways. According to the source I’ve been following for over a year, it takes 3 years to get that stuff outta your fat cells. The same source claims that most of the Vitamin E capsules have got those kind of oils in them as carriers.

I got hooked on mayonnaise, specifically BEST FOODS Hellman’s mayonnaise a long time ago in my family. I had no idea what it was made out of, and now that particular mayo is considered mega poison because it has  toxic aluminum in it, BAD, BAD, BAD! The same source claims his vitamin E does not have the bad oils in it, will have to totally check that.

We used mayo in my family for sandwiches and gorging on white/dark turkey with dressing and cranberry gel sandwiches for days after Thanksgiving. I have been overeating with it for decades, though I changed to an “alternative” mayo made out of grapeseed oil. When I started reading about the ketogenic diet, I gleefully upped my consumption and ate butter and mayo like there was no tomorrow. High fat diet? You betcha, no problemo. Love them fats, they satisfy!!!!

Further, the guy says no matter how much thyroid you take, it won’t go into the cells if they are clogged, and you stay hypothyroid. DAANG. I’ve spent years making my own “healthy” salad dressing by combining olive oil, coconut oil, minced garlic cloves, spices, lemon and, yes, a coupla Tablespoons of grapeseed, and for awhile, safflower oil mayo. Boy do I feel sheepish, literally, am shaped like a big, fat, woolly one at this point. BAAAAAAH!

I have  stopped buying mayo. Even the paleo purists like Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint love them some PUFAs, have their own organic, advocado oil speshal mayo, which according to Thyroid guy is still BAD for those of us with shitty, clogged up cells, liver, and thyroid. My guy loves blue cheese dressing and 99% of all store bought dressings are canola oil based, which is supposed to be mucho bad O for the liver.

I  love everything white and creamy, but it hasn’t been the loss I thought it would be. There is still pastured butter and coconut oil, and perhaps ghee. There is also raw milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, and sour cream. I think one of my ideas of heaven would be to have a small goat dairy and make nothing but raw goat milk products, just for me and whoever wanted them.

I’m relieved the information is now CONCLUSIVE and very clear. Before now, there was a kind of hemming and hawing. I could not keep it straight exactly what oils were considered bad and good, and then there was all the stuff about processing. Monosaturated, poly unsaturated, saturated, trans fat, hydrogenated. Virgin versus refined. According to an unusual heart doctor, his vitamin e is made from organic red palm oil and has mixed tocopherols. Plus there is Emu oil that has k2 in it. I just bought some, we will see.

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