Getting Onto the Hoop Path

Yesterday I went online,  found out about and watched  the best video ever made for aspiring hoopers. It is by a woman hooping instructor/performer named Safire and it’s called “Love the Process”.  The video is a string of short takes documenting her teaching herself how to hoop inside a room with words of advice. She gets better and better and advises all hoopers to “Document yourself even if you believe you don’t want to ever share it”.

I had seen another video of the same sort of a heavy woman who took Safire’s advice and referenced her in the text below the video. The woman, clearly overweight, starts out awkward and inside and then gets more skilled, happier and thinner, and soon she is hooping and filming outdoors.

Somehow videotaping things or taking digital photos to share is a way to be visible in the world and to oneself. I’ve decided it’s time I break out of a long and pretty miserable, nearly invisible life and do this now. Daily practice is required, which  I am starting to do.  The next step is figuring  out a way to hoop at home daily and get a video camera.  I’m thinking of getting one of those awning things they have at the farmer’s market and setting up in backyard.

I’ve spent a lot of time hating all the tech and isolation, now I am doing what is required to be visible. It seems like no matter what a person is doing personally or professionally, they are not visible unless they are online, so I’m following the way the world is going. Watch out world, here I come and damn the torpedoes.


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I started this blog to expand and explore my rhythm horizons as a hand drummer. That exploration includes touching on the rest of my life and inner world as authentically and truthfully as possible.
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