Finding Ogun’s Oven Mitts

Today I went to a fancy cooking equipment store that is going out of business and found 2 cooking mitts that were only $10 apiece. I could hardly believe it, because this is the kind of store that has really fancy, expensive cookware and stuff only big time chefs and cooking fanatics understand. These mitts are nice, long  and thick, with insulation inside of them. I bought one in black and one in a nice spring green.

Black and green are the colors of Ogun, the Warrior orisha who carries 2 machetes and governs metal, technology, clearing the way,work,  and war in the Santeria tradition come from the centuries old Yoruban spiritual tradition of IFA.

The oven mitts I have to be replaced by the  new ones are a lighter green and they are burned, worn, tired, long in need of retirement. I bought them a long time ago at the local grocery store and they were perfectly fine, have done a good job.  They have  hung from two lonely little screws that used to secure a paper towel roll holder and are just hanging out in the cheap kitchen  wall in the holes.

Ogun’s Oven Mitts look magnificent, and I have already used the black one to pick up my iron skillet to pour hot bacon grease into a container. I love em, have been looking for them for some time.


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