Earthing Pains

There is now a number of people on the web extolling the health benefits of “Earthing“.  Our practice of wearing non natural materials in shoes and living above ground has apparently robbed us of  beneficial negative ions in the soil which electrically add “zeta” charges to our blood cells and keep them from sticking together. According to dentists, doctors and super food guru David Wolfe, “Earthing” eliminates inflammation in the body, reduces chronic pain, allows people to sleep better and the changes can be measured with blood tests.  You can see all this on a David Wolfe longevity conference video at       .

Earthing’s benefits were discovered, if you will,  by a man named Clint Ober who owned his own cable tv business and figured out a way to make mats, bed pads, body bands and sheets which ground the human body much like an electrician puts a ground into a home electrical system.  These products are hooked up to a chord with a metal rod that is put into the earth or grounded through a home electrical outlet.  OR, you can do it cheaper and easier way by simply taking off your shoes and anything synthetic and walking or standing on the beach or ground.

David Wolfe calls being barefoot “Easy-you don’t have to do anyting!” I disagree. Since I have yet to get the Earthing products and try them, I’ve made many attempts to get myself outside and stand or walk with my bare feet on the ground and for me, it ain’t EASY.

First, there’s the fact I don’t like being cold and it’s rainy, windy and a bit cold where I live. Sure, I can take off my shoes and sit in the back yard with my feet in the grass, but if the sun isn’t out and I can’t move around, it can be very uncomfortable, even chilly.  And if it isn’t my yard, I then have to figure where I can go and drive or ride my bike there, then have to deal with taking my shoes and socks off. If there is no place to sit in order to take off my shoes and socks,  this is a hassle.  Then there’s not wanting to walk on anything that will hurt the feet, like gravel, broken glass, stickers. pebbles, boulders and rocks, thorns etc.  What about hidden animal crap, thorns, burrs  and ticks?  Even walking on beach sand is not always that pleasant. After you finish your barefooting, there’s the problem of putting your shoes and socks back on again.

The basic recommendation is having your feet contact the earth for one hour a day minimum. Or you can buy and use  the mats, pads, bands or sheets that are hooked to a grounding chord or electrical outlet that is grounded, AND you can buy a gauge which will tell you if your outlets are grounded or not.  So far I suck at getting myself barefoot daily at all, so it’s probably going to come down to me buying something and making it very easy to use or it just won’t happen at all.  Rats!

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