Bad Bicycles, 5 Days of Raw and 6 Lbs

If you show up to SPIN class late,  you often get a Bad Bicycle. Bad Bicycles are Stationary Bicycles that look ok, maybe have a little rust, but they don’t work right. They bind, or collapse in the crankshaft when you put weight on them, AND you can’t stand up and pedal securely no matter how you adjust the resistance dial. Today I had a bike with the handlebars adjusted way too low, and I couldn’t change them because someone with a Titan Grip had tightened it so hard I couldn’t move it.

On Thanksgiving Day, I arrived late and there was an unprecedented  30 people in the SPIN class, which means each and every bad bicycle was being ridden. I was the third person to arrive  who could not get a bicycle. The other 2 people were on the treadmill and stair climber.  I did some stretching, got my hoop out and did some hooping outside the door to the SPIN Class music.

Now what I wonder is how the real devotees of SPIN, the Regs/ repeaters who come often and early know which bicycles to pick. Do they look at the numbers and write them down somewhere? Do they stash them in a special place where they remember to get them?

Not two weeks ago I went up to Mt Shasta and spent 5 days preparing raw food for 15 people and eating nothing but raw. I was busy enough not to be preoccupied with eating, and I ate plenty of raw, green, organic food.  When I got home I wasn’t sure much had changed with my body, save the easier elimination I had while up there.  At the time, working so much to make the food at first seemed impossibly wasteful and difficult. But after I got used to washing dishes over and over again, wearing thin rubber gloves, cleaning complicated food processor, juicer and blender parts, it didn’t seem that weird and hard anymore.

I’ve had a 6 lb weight loss that seems permanent. The funny thing is I have people coming up to me and telling me how good my haircut looks over and over again. I got my hair frosted quite a while ago, and have been spending money getting my hair cut a lot. Somehow the 6 lbs, a fraction of what I need to lose, has crossed me over from the obese place I have been for over a year.  My upper arms still have their sagging flaps of fat and my midriff is an inflated dirigible which continues to protrude out in front of my like a late pregnancy.  I notice my face, in particular the skin around my mouth, is more wrinkled. And yet somehow, something has changed for the better. My frame is starting to have the hint of a different and less obese being. I can see it.

People whom I am acquainted with who rarely speak to me are coming up and talking to me.  People are saying my name, saying hello.  Some are lingering to ask me how I am and chitchat. I’m not really sure what to make of it, though I like not being invisible.  I know that the haircut, some jewelry, and newer, less drab clothing, the exercise and diet I’m doing is part of this change, but can’t be the only reason why change I have needed is now finally happening.


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